Painting Classes

  • Painting a Miniature

    Painting a Miniature

    There is a lot of power in the MIghty Mini's! Painting a miniature requires a different use of the brush and paint to get the fine details. Students...
  • Pass the Painting

    Pass the Painting

    This class is the most fun you can have wearing an artist apron! It is A different approach to learning to paint --so be prepared to laugh and learn.
  • Brush Pen Calligraphy Class

    Brush Pen Calligraphy Class

    This class will take you through learning a very popular font. Brush Pen is the most rewarding and versatile letterstyle. Skills learned here will...
  • Paint Your Pets Portrait

    Paint Your Pets Portrait

    Create a painting of your beloved Furbaby in acrylic. Students will work from their own photo. Bring a few printed photos for reference. Learn brush...