About Bridget Hanley

Welcome to Bridget Hanley Studio.
I am an Artist, Creative, Calligrapher, and Picture Framing Specialist.

My former business, Little Conestoga Picture Framing, closed in October, 2017 after 22 years, with the plan to reopen by summer 2018 at a brand new location. I specialize in sports memorabilia, heirloom preservation, and creative solutions and ideas for your memories and art. Everything you see here is framed by me, and inspired by my clients. I strive to present the best framing for you, keep the budget you set, and deliver in a timely manner.

I offer creative touches to your framing like calligraphy, specialty mats designs, and custom colors. I will work with your vision to produce the framing that you will enjoy each time you look at it. I will also offer choices and explain why one would work over another, but allow you to be educated and decide.

You will find all of my art here too. If you had an idea for a commissioned piece, there are examples of past endeavors. All of the art is for purchase, unless noted. I offer prints, giclees, and original art.

I have always been a Creative. I take an artistic slant to just about everything I do. For instance, I can’t just have a notebook, I have to decorate the cover my way. I surround myself with all kinds of art and color and texture. I used to be really scared of those things, as if being “flamboyant” was a sin! And it took a long time to relax and realize that the kind of art that I enjoyed and was created through me was ...me!

I am mostly self taught, but have been blessed and influenced by many artists who have appeared in my life right when I needed to learn a new thing. They would show up in the most surreptitious ways. But the messages were clear, and the advantage was mine. I learned to like color, different mediums, and not be afraid to try. I did take art classes in college, but I found out one on one with the ideas that friends showed up with was a more tailored fit. I love watercolor, pen and ink, and am having a lot of fun with acrylic. The watercolor and acrylic keeps me loose, and the pen and ink keeps me detailed and precise.

A major life change came about in the fall of 2017. We had already put our horse farm up for sale, and then my husband became very ill. For 5 months it was the stress of packing, clearing out, moving, tending to my husband, and wondering every day what my purpose was. We moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, and now live in a house on a beautiful lake. I took a three month sabbatical to heal myself, and try to figure out the next thing. I began to paint again. And paint... and paint…...then realized that not sharing them with the universe was a dishonor. So here you are. Enjoy!

Thank you for your visit to my site. I am glad we got to meet, and I hope you enjoy wandering around this site for your peace, inspiration, and maybe find a little something for yourself.