Florida Art Commissions

Throughout the decades of her artistic career, Bridget has always been asked "Can you...paint, draw, create, make...something?" Her commissions are what her clients envision and want someone to do it for them. Bridget's body of work is expansive and lots of different mediums are included.

One of the most popular artforms is portraits of pets or homes and businesses. Bridget's love for pen and ink is shown through dozens of renderings. Later over the years, portraits developed into acrylic paintings, where there can be more detail and depth of color. Bridget also offers classes in painting portraits of one's pets.

Original Artwork

Original Artwork

Bridget has many different facets to her art. She uses many different mediums, and sometimes combines them. While inks, acrylic and acrylic flow art are her favorites, she does love watercolor, gouache, and mixed medium. Just like any artist, allowing herself to experiment with different techniques just broadens her creative abilities.

Bridget gains her inspiration from many sources. Her first love is horses, and landscapes. She often takes notes in her travels, or captures a photo on her phone to use for reference. Not all ideas come to fruition, but may be used later!



Calligraphy is the art of handwriting. Bridget learned this art in grade school. Mesmerized by the writing of her teacher, Sister Caritas, she got the Speedball guide to calligraphy and began to teach herself. Bridget became fascinated with letters, fonts, and ink drawings. Throughout the years, her fascination became a career and added to the many forms of art Bridget does.


Florida Mural Artist

Murals are very popular in Florida. They can be a small addition of color or texture to the corners of a room, around windows and doors or whole walls. The Florida climate is perfect for exterior murals and on the sides of buildings.

After a few initial sketches of the client's ideas, and then a "mock up" of what it will look like in life size through photographs, Bridget gets right to work. Murals are priced on an hourly rate.

Bridget's style is lots of color! You will see purple and teals, pinks and oranges throughout her paintings. Murals are fun!