Brush Pen Calligraphy Class

This class will take you through learning a very popular font. Brush Pen is the most rewarding and versatile letterstyle. Skills learned here will transfer over to other forms of calligraphy and is a great place for beginners to start. No experience required, and seasoned calligraphers will also pick up a tip.


The class will cover posture, position, holding the pen and move into drills and exercises to gain muscle memory. Learn how to form letters, the correct strokes and build up to words. Short phrases and quotes will be included and the student will also learn layout, the personality of letters and what makes an effective placement. Flourishing (those really cool swirls) and Illumination (Decorative capital letters) will be discussed and explored.

What students need to bring:

  • Wide ruled notebook
  • Ruler, pencil, regular pen, eraser
  • Blank paper. Can be Rhodia or plain copy paper
  • Pad of tracing paper
  • Any brush pens you may have. If purchasing, Tombow pens, or Tombow Fudenosuke pens are good. Students will be able to try other pens at class
  • Students will also be able to try a light box or lighted tracing tablet in class
Brush Pen Calligraphy Class Florida
Brush Pen Calligraphy Class Florida
Brush Pen Calligraphy Class Florida