Pass the Painting

This class is the most fun you can have wearing an artist apron! It is A different approach to learning to paint --so be prepared to laugh and learn.

Each student starts out with a blank canvas. After hearing a short narrative, they begin their painting. After ten minutes, they must stop---and pass their painting to their neighbor and receive the next one to continue the "story". As the painting unfolds, there is instruction about brush technique, composition, perspective, color theory, color mixing and creating effects. At the end of the class there is a short critique of all of the paintings. Students may agree or draw for which painting to take home.

What to bring:
All materials are included with this class.

The examples shown here are from a class where the narrative was from a rock song by REO Speedwagon "Riding the Storm Out".

"Riding the storm out, waiting for the thaw out, on a full moon night in the Rocky Mountain winter". One student had never painted with acrylic before.

Pass the Painting Class Florida
Pass the Painting Class Florida
Pass the Painting Class Florida