Custom Artwork on Handcrafted Furniture

Pair our beautiful handcrafted furniture with customized artwork and you have the most unique and beautiful treasure that is sure to turn heads!! Our furniture beautifully customized by the talented Bridget Hanley of Bridget Hanley Studio turns your hand crafted furniture into a one of a kind masterpiece. Artwork can be done on just about every piece of furniture that we make.

Commissioned Pet Portraits

I have been fortunate enough to create dozens of portraits of people’s pets. For years I worked mostly in pen and ink. Then I added a little watercolor to give the portrait some depth. Lately I have been enjoying doing these treasures in acrylic paint on canvas. I also teach classes in painting your pets portrait. There is something special about capturing your fur baby in any art form. Regardless of the venue, here are some tips to creating something you will enjoy for a long time.

Bridget Wins First Place for Her Calligraphy

Bridget is a member of the Ocala Calligraphy Guild, a group of outstandingly talented artists who create their craft lettering with ink and pen. Their annual Envelope Contest was held at their Christmas Luncheon December 17. Entries were submitted and judged by two outside professionals in the art industry. Bridget received the first place honors with her envelope!

Paint Your Pet Graduates!

Another class of Paint Your Pet graduates from the Rainbow Springs Art, held on Dec 17. Several students have never painted before, and they learn to create their portrait with instruction from Bridget. It was a very fun class, lots of laughs, and some very nice work! Good job ladies

Festival Season is Here - Part 3

I have been writing about some observations with the Favorite Florida Pastime- Festivals, from the view of a vendor. Here is Part 3:

Being in a Festival has to mean that you are serious about your art, and you want to sell it and make money! Then you have to bite the bullet and promote yourself. This seems to be one thing that most artists hate to do. It is so scary to put your art out there, proudly stand by it, and then have to ask a price for it!!! Why can’t people just come up to you and say “OMG I have been looking for this all my life! Here is my money!”

Art Festival Tips

You got in the art festival! Whoo hoo! Now for the hard part….but it can be fun!

You only get a 10 x 10 space. Now you have to make the most use of this. First of all, how are you displaying? Do you want people to enter into your space and muse? Do you want you product out front and have the inventory area behind you (like a jeweler, or soap or craft maker)? This is very important for your sales. Do you need to interact with each customer, or would rather be quiet and let them think about it? And plan where your point of sale will be--that is where you actually write up the sale and package your product. In the corner? Up front? Can other customers browse while you work?

One of the most popular classes I offer is the "Paint Your Pets Portrait" class. Students bring in a printed head and neck photo of their favorite furbaby and learn to honor them with a fabulous portrait! I go through the steps of drawing, perspective, background, and colors.  This class is a little more than your usual group painting class with wine event.  You will actually create your OWN painting. 

With pets, most people get so nervous about making it look REAL.  And this really neat tip will help you make your pet look furry, your horse's mane flowing, your cat look as if you could touch it!! It is a great trick for landscapes--grass and weeds too.

Check out my Facebook page Bridget Hanley Studio, be sure to "like" me, and you can stay updated with new classes coming up. Thank you and enjoy!

Visit Bridget Hanley Studio at these art festivals this year

  • Micanopy Art and Craft Festival, Sat and Sunday October 27-28, Micanopy Florida
  • Inverness Festival of the Arts, Sat and Sunday November 3 an 4, Inverness Florida
  • Rainbow Springs Art Festival. Saturday Nov 17, Dunnellon Florida

Stop by my booth and say hi and visit for a bit! I will be showcasing my original art and calligraphy, and will also have some prints and giclees available too!

Art Festivals in Florida

Art Festivals Part 1

One thing I have found out living in Florida, people love their festivals! They really are a lot of fun to attend, and also to be a vendor. It is a great way to promote your creation. But you have to be very organized, focused and committed to your goal. This is the first article of a three part series, and things I learned this year about festivals!

Getting in

I started getting “inventory” together about a year ago. It was just the love of painting at first, but then I started collecting paintings, LOL! Not all of your work is display worthy, so be sure to put your best stuff out there.

I had a goal of three festivals this year. They had to be within an hour drive of me. I didn’t want the expense of a hotel. I wanted to be able to come home and get something I may have forgotten, since this was my first year. Finding the festivals is relatively easy. Google the word festival ( and your area ) and you can find many! Be aware that your deadlines are usually months before the actual event. Planning is key!

Some Mistakes when Hanging Art

Art should be hung where you can enjoy it. But there should also a little planning so it is compatible with the room’s surroundings and decor. And have a visual balance with the edges of the walls, size of the room, color and subject matter. I came across some real life and some virtual examples that you might consider when hanging up that picture. My OCD really kicks in with some of these!

Tips for Hanging Framed Art

You have spent a considerable amount of time and money getting your art framed. To enjoy itYou have spent a considerable amount of time and money getting your art framed. To enjoy itto its full potential, here are some tips to consider when hanging art:

Your husband is tall. You are short. He always hangs the pictures. He eyeballs the generalYour husband is tall. You are short. He always hangs the pictures. He eyeballs the generalarea, makes a mark on the wall and bang! There goes the nail. OR, he is the gadget guy whogets out the laser level and digitally measures the space until the art is scientifically placed. Buteither way, the pictures are always too high.

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