Florida Art Instructor

Bridget is an Artist Instructor at Rainbow Springs Art in Dunnellon, located at 20804 W Pennsylvania Ave in the historic village of Dunnellon, Florida. She has been a member since 2018, and is currently the President of the Gallery. The Education Program at RSA caters to any experience, age and talent! Clases are for adults and children too.

Classes are offered each month and subjects continuously change!

Visit and register online.

Bridget will also travel to your location for workshops, lessons or painting parties. She also welcomes any students who need help with their own projects and creations.Classes in Calligraphy allow students to learn different techniques.

Classes Offered:

  • Brush Pen
  • Flat nib Pen techniques
  • Making a Notecard
  • Crayola Calligraphy with Crayola markers
  • Flourishing
  • Layout and decorating your calligraphy

Classes in Painting:

  • Paint Your Pet's Portrait
  • Landscapes
  • Painting with Watercolor, Acrylic or Gouache
  • Plein Air Painting (spontaneous outdoor subjects)
  • Learning about Abstract Painting
  • Painting a miniature ( 3 inches by 3 inches or smaller)
  • Any subject of the Student's Choice.


Painting Backgrounds for Shadowboxes

Craig Seyler, of Forest2Frame on Etsy, is a scientist. With an artistic dream. He frames butterflies, moths, exotic bugs, beautiful specimens. But placing them in a shadowbox needed a little more pizazz. Something to catch the eye. I had been making his shadowboxes for a while, but we were going to wade into a new venture.

He had a vision of having backgrounds hand painted to coordinate with the butterflies, dragonflies, critters he was to frame in a shadowbox. He “grows” his own Luna Moths, so we started there. That was an easy vision. They fly at night, they look like they glow in the dark--so a full moon lunar scene was it! He gives me a lot of free rein, creating colors and scenes that would enhance his specimens. Nothing is larger than 12 x 16. And the focus is not on the background, but the bug. The only thing is that every painting is an original and no two are alike. THAT is a big selling point.

The Saga of the Emu Egg

Creativity comes in many forms, especially when there is a lockdown and not much to do. Enter Steve, my client who has more ideas than anyone I know. They seem to come out of everywhere!

Steve is into dinosaurs, and fossils, and bones, and anything unusual. I had been painting backgrounds for his shadowboxes, where he would present “creepy critters”. The gallery “Prehistoric” located in Oregon and St Augustine Florida housed his creations.

Here is a new project framing that I just completed. Its a big one---and a nice project! A little Southern Rock history. The client came to me and said her brother played in a band, and could I do this-- it measures 4 ft by 4 ft! Her brother was one of the survivors of the plane crash in 1977. Amazing and incredible story.

This is an Adirondack chair for my sister, a portrait of her cottage, one of her very favorite places in the world. The video shows the progression of how I go from a blank wood to finished product.


Another Florida Mural on the Rainbow River

Here is one mural. A Vacation retreat located on the Rainbow River, Dunnellon FL.


Another Florida...
Another Florida Mural on the Rainbow River
Another Florida...
Another Florida Mural on the Rainbow River
Another Florida...
Another Florida Mural on the Rainbow River
Another Florida...
Another Florida Mural on the Rainbow River

So murals are a big thing here in Florida! In the past, I have done a few of them, mostly for family and friends. When the nieces and nephews were very young, I would paint their dreams on their bedroom walls. One wall was an entire underwater scene with clown fish, mermaids, a chest of sunken treasure, and a castle way in the distance. For my niece, a painting of her favorite horse overlooking a garden gate. My sister still has a portrait of her golden retriever , a very small (6 x 8) portrait in the hallway.

In college, the cafeteria wall needed attention---some color, some themes. My best friend was enlisted to create galloping horses on one wall. Amazingly it is still there today!!! That was about 36 years ago!!. I painted a giant poem about horses in calligraphy. I'm not sure that it exists now. 36 years ago, there was no YouTube, internet, cell documentation was scarce. I sure would love to see that again though!

I was commissioned to paint a Florida palm tree scene for a vacation rental cottage on the Withlacoochee River near me. Here is a tour of the final piece.

Original paintings on vintage Horse racing programs

I came across some old racing programs and added a little original painting to them. Something new I am offering for sale from my collection of creations. Cigar (larger and small program) In the Woodward Stakes, AP Indy 118th Kentucky Derby (I know I know the story---but he is so dang pretty), And Winning Colors. Large Cigar is $65, smaller ones are $45. $10 to pack and ship. Coming soon--Barbaro, Alysheba, and some generic ones too.

Custom Artwork on Handcrafted Furniture

Pair our beautiful handcrafted furniture with customized artwork and you have the most unique and beautiful treasure that is sure to turn heads!! Our furniture beautifully customized by the talented Bridget Hanley of Bridget Hanley Studio turns your hand crafted furniture into a one of a kind masterpiece. Artwork can be done on just about every piece of furniture that we make.

Commissioned Pet Portraits

I have been fortunate enough to create dozens of portraits of people’s pets. For years I worked mostly in pen and ink. Then I added a little watercolor to give the portrait some depth. Lately I have been enjoying doing these treasures in acrylic paint on canvas. I also teach classes in painting your pets portrait. There is something special about capturing your fur baby in any art form. Regardless of the venue, here are some tips to creating something you will enjoy for a long time.

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