The price of quality?

A while ago when a client came to me with an order to cut just mats and glass, I didn't think anything about the frame.  he had purchased the frame at a "big box" store and spent quite a bit on it.  I often do fill in orders, where only the mat or glass is needed.

Two years later, he called on me to say the frame that "I did" was splitting at the corners and falling apart.  After looking at it, I remembered the scenario.  In an effort to save money, and get the "70% off", he purchased the frame, but went elsewhere for the rest of the work ( me). But the frame was of very poor quality, and nothing I would have represented.

The philosophy of our studio is to try to offer the client a little more than the other guys, absorb the details and little things, and try to deliver a hassle free product.  I quoted him an inclusive price that beat out the single price of only the frame.  Had he started out with the entire project in one place, he could have saved time, money, aggravation, and the inconvenience of doing it all over again a couple years later.  All those things add up to expensive mentally, physically, and through his wallet.

When you pay for quality, you only cry once.