Are you getting what you pay for?

Everyone likes to see "SALE  50-70% OFF!"  Saving money is a good thing.  But how do you know you are getting what you pay for?

Recently I read an article in my trade/ industry that the franchise framing/craft stores are selling a version of high quality museum glass, passing it off as the Real Deal, or their own personal version of it.  However, what these franchise stores have purchased is a flawed quality, lower standard glass, and are selling it to their customers.  The customer is unaware of the differences in glass, and paying the same price for as an independent would charge for the  Real Stuff.

Confusing?  On the premise that an educated consumer is the best consumer, I feel it is important to let the client know that they have choices.  They are not locked in to what I feel.  The client at Little Conestoga Picture Framing leaves knowing that they made good choices about their art and why.  They also know that they are getting what they paid for.

Consider your passionate, Local Independent Framing Expert, and be assured you are getting what you pay for.