Framing Plates & Flags - Really Old Ones!

Recently this plate arrived, of a portrait of the client's great great grandmother dated 1880.  Knowing where to send her to have it properly restored insured it would come back to me for framing.  A good framer should have a network of other experts to help out when needed!  Over the years I have built up a cache of people to advise me when "I get one of those really good ones".

American Flag
American Flag American Flag

When this flag flew on a air craft carrier in WWII at Iwo Jima, Im certain the soldier never dreamed that 85 years later it would hang proudly in his granddaughters family room.  Knowing what to do to keep it for another 85 years is part of Little Conestoga Picture Framing's services.  We treat heirlooms as if they were from our own family.