Framing a Flat Screen TV

Just when you thought you had all your pictures and memories framed, framing your flat screen TV is one of the most creative additions you can add to your home decor.  Admit it, the biggest focal point in a room is your TV, why not put a glamorous frame around it?


This project was done a few weeks ago.  The client chose a beautiful chunky gold frame, about 3 1/2 inches wide. It enhanced her room decor to a T!  Installing the TV frame takes some thought.  In this case, we "suspended" the frame on the TV itself, as it was installed with a bracket to the wall.  Other frames may include enclosing the sides of the frame to  hide wiring and brackets.  It is fairly easy to install, and the end result is something quite unique.

Another consideration is an opening for the TV sensor.  With this project, I cut an opening in the frame itself, and then touched up the frame with custom color, and rebuilt any flaws in the frame that may have occurred with drilling out the opening. It is seamless and does not take anything away from the frame itself.

Watching TV now has never been so luxurious!