I am following up the previous blog about painting parties. I taught a few of these kind of classes. For the Creative, they can be very exhilarating and very frustrating. And really enlightening! But for the most part, I like it when the people leave the class with a sense of accomplishment, a feeling that they DID something, created something.

I had a class where the theme was Halloween. I had made a painting within that theme, of a dark sky, full moon, a witch and her broomstick, a black cat on the fence, pumpkins, the works. I would walk the class thru the beginnings and then leave it up to them to use what they would like in their painting. They can copy mine, or use it for reference.

A few students were self conscious, having “never painted before”. One student started to mix her colors and didn’t know when to stop mixing. Her colors became more gray. Some pink. Lavender. Yellow. What was going on? The more she added another color, the more her painting took on a life of its own. She became upset that this whole Halloween thing was not happening. She was so far away from dark and mysterious. She became frustrated, and a little angry that she “sucked at this”.

But I could see what was happening. Now I just had to convince her. Her Creative was saying “I’m not really into this dark thing. I need to be this. And this is how it’s going down!” I suggested she abandon the competitive idea that it had to be Halloween, and allow this to evolve. Her Creative wanted to say something. Now. Today.

What emerged was a beautiful, soft, slightly abstract painting of the sun over a lake landscape. The sun was yellow with hints of pink and lavender. The sky was streaks of soft oranges, yellows, blues and grays. A little tweaking and the water on the lake became really believable. It was so nice to witness the Ego being trumped by the Creative ( more in another blog about this). Her Ego was ranting, shaking its fists, jumping up and down saying You have to be LIKE THEM!!! Her Creative stayed the course and got her way.

Oh, yes. We framed it.