One of the hardest things to accept when we are creating is that it really isn’t up to us. We get an idea, then the Ego takes over and either tells us that this is going to make us famous, and we will sell it for tons of money….OR it says are you nuts? You can’t make that!! No one will get it! When you are creating, there are no rules, even though you have been taught that there are. Oh sure there are rules about dimension, perspective, composition, and you can put those next to your idea and develop that. But what about the Creative saying I have to get this out. The Creative didn’t know about the rules. It said I have to get this out, and you had a list of rules. Uh oh.

The sky is not blue. Trees trunks are not brown. Shadows are not black. Clouds are not white. The grass is not green. And ( according to Manet, Dega, and impressionist artists) there are NO lines in the universe.

Here is proof of this idea that you can try for one week. Every morning, or every evening, at the very same time every day, go to a favorite spot outside and take a photo of the scene. Preferably a sunrise or sunset will have the best results. After one week, print out the photos you had and place them next to each other. I am really lucky because I live on a beautiful lake, and every evening I get a new painting. Look at your photos and see how every day, every thing was different.

If you applied that to your art, wouldn’t that be much more interesting? In one of my classes, the student wanted to paint her black cat. Of course, left on her own, she would have started out with black paint, and become more and more frustrated when the painting ended up being a black blob on her canvas. Nothing can save you when you start out with the end result. So I challenged her and said she could do that but she absolutely could not use any black paint at all. The end result was incredible! A “black cat” made up of purples, blues, yellows, reds etc.

Pretty cool.

Tell your Creative that you will glance at the Rules, but they are over there. Then let the Creative have some fun with it.