Art Festivals Part 1

One thing I have found out living in Florida, people love their festivals! They really are a lot of fun to attend, and also to be a vendor. It is a great way to promote your creation. But you have to be very organized, focused and committed to your goal. This is the first article of a three part series, and things I learned this year about festivals!

Getting in

I started getting “inventory” together about a year ago. It was just the love of painting at first, but then I started collecting paintings, LOL! Not all of your work is display worthy, so be sure to put your best stuff out there.

I had a goal of three festivals this year. They had to be within an hour drive of me. I didn’t want the expense of a hotel. I wanted to be able to come home and get something I may have forgotten, since this was my first year. Finding the festivals is relatively easy. Google the word festival ( and your area ) and you can find many! Be aware that your deadlines are usually months before the actual event. Planning is key!

Fill out your application

You will need at least four pictures of your creations and your booth. Since I never attended a festival, I staged my booth in my backyard. Be sure to photograph many angles, and also have clear photos of your art. The festival may have suggestions or requirements for your booth (white tent, size restrictions, additional fees for electricity, etc.).

There is usually a non refundable fee to enter. There will also be a booth fee for the rental of the space. Lick the stamp, send it off and wait. It usually takes a few weeks to hear back from the management that you were accepted. Once you are accepted, the fun begins!

I will be writing about my experiences at my three festivals this year. I also threw in a one day holiday event at the local country club, so will be able to tell you how that goes.

Art Festivals in FloridaAnd I hope you will come and visit me!!

I will be at:
Micanopy Fall festival, October 27-28 in Micanopy FL
Inverness Festival of the Arts, November 3-4, Inverness FL
Rainbow Springs Art festival, Dunnellon FL November 17

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