Art Festival Tips

You got in the art festival! Whoo hoo! Now for the hard part….but it can be fun!

You only get a 10 x 10 space. Now you have to make the most use of this. First of all, how are you displaying? Do you want people to enter into your space and muse? Do you want you product out front and have the inventory area behind you (like a jeweler, or soap or craft maker)? This is very important for your sales. Do you need to interact with each customer, or would rather be quiet and let them think about it? And plan where your point of sale will be--that is where you actually write up the sale and package your product. In the corner? Up front? Can other customers browse while you work?

If you have display cases or tables, think about where they will go. People will be looking down at them, and moseying along. Do you have room for 2-3 people at once to do this? If you are “vertical artist”--photographer or painter--your walls will be all along the boundaries, but you may have a short wall or table to break up traffic.

Keep your color and decor simple and neutral. White, beige, black is effective. One mistake I observed was a potter who had only one design--teal blue and white. Great ceramics! He had a white tent (required), teal tablecloths, white backdrop, teal and white wildly designed floor mat….I I got tired of trying to sift through the visual chaos….the ceramics got lost too. Remember there is amazing visual overload at these want people to hone in on your product and start the decision process.

Never do these things at an Art Festival

  • Do NOT sit in the middle of your booth and socialize. One vendor had really great paintings, but I had to step over his legs and conversation with his BFF, since he was sitting in the middle of his booth. No, I moved on…..
  • DO NOT block your booth with a table and chair for your comfort. Make your entrance inviting, come on in! I don’t want to work at getting in to look at your stuff.
  • DO NOT hide….greet everyone---everyone! Hi! How are you? Where did you drive from? Come here often? LOL. What do you like about this? I took this picture when….. I love this subject, do you live by the lake? Etc Etc. OR you may need to feel them out and be quiet….
  • DO NOT put everything you ever made in the entire world up for observation. A cluttered booth is hard to negotiate. Choose wisely grasshopper, give them wanting a little more, or bring out a new piece later.

Tips to be successful at an Art Festival

  • DO move your art around when something sells. Refresh your booth often.
  • Do let people browse and think. Your art is not a critical investment, it is a luxury ( sorry but true!), and it is a think about it and come back thing. You never know.