So murals are a big thing here in Florida! In the past, I have done a few of them, mostly for family and friends. When the nieces and nephews were very young, I would paint their dreams on their bedroom walls. One wall was an entire underwater scene with clown fish, mermaids, a chest of sunken treasure, and a castle way in the distance. For my niece, a painting of her favorite horse overlooking a garden gate. My sister still has a portrait of her golden retriever , a very small (6 x 8) portrait in the hallway.

In college, the cafeteria wall needed attention---some color, some themes. My best friend was enlisted to create galloping horses on one wall. Amazingly it is still there today!!! That was about 36 years ago!!. I painted a giant poem about horses in calligraphy. I'm not sure that it exists now. 36 years ago, there was no YouTube, internet, cell documentation was scarce. I sure would love to see that again though!

I was commissioned to paint a Florida palm tree scene for a vacation rental cottage on the Withlacoochee River near me. Here is a tour of the final piece.