How to Choose The Correct Glass

"Does this frame make my glass look too big"
"When your glass is on the line, choose wisely"

It used to be that you could go down to the hardware store and get a piece of lead-laden glass to replace the broken piece on your signed print. Not today. Glass is a very important component of the whole framing process.

Some places will only sell UV protected conservation glass or even museum glass. But this concept may be a little bit of overkill on some works. Really, do you need 100% UV protected glass on Juniors 1st grade art? Do you have to have museum glass on a dorm poster?

Education is the key ingredient for choosing glass. With some art, you cannot cut corners. Invest in good glazing and keep your art protected. No doubt about it, original art, photographs, and signed prints are among the things that require "good glass". When you are investing in preserving you art, choose wisely and allow your framer to offer you choices.