• This is an Adirondack chair for my sister, a portrait of her cottage, one of her very favorite places in the world. The video shows the progression of how I go from a blank wood to finished product.


  • Here is one mural. A Vacation retreat located on the Rainbow River, Dunnellon FL.


  • Pair our beautiful handcrafted furniture with customized artwork and you have the most unique and beautiful treasure that is sure to turn heads!! Our furniture beautifully customized by the talented Bridget Hanley of Bridget Hanley Studio turns your hand crafted furniture into a one of a kind masterpiece. Artwork can be done on just about every piece of furniture that we make.

  • So murals are a big thing here in Florida! In the past, I have done a few of them, mostly for family and friends. When the nieces and nephews were very young, I would paint their dreams on their bedroom walls. One wall was an entire underwater scene with clown fish, mermaids, a chest of sunken treasure, and a castle way in the distance. For my niece, a painting of her favorite horse overlooking a garden gate. My sister still has a portrait of her golden retriever , a very small (6 x 8) portrait in the hallway.

    In college, the cafeteria wall needed attention---some color, some themes. My best friend was enlisted to create galloping horses on one wall. Amazingly it is still there today!!! That was about 36 years ago!!. I painted a giant poem about horses in calligraphy. I'm not sure that it exists now. 36 years ago, there was no YouTube, internet, cell documentation was scarce. I sure would love to see that again though!

    I was commissioned to paint a Florida palm tree scene for a vacation rental cottage on the Withlacoochee River near me. Here is a tour of the final piece.

  • "Sunset on the Gulf" Original commissioned custom painting for garden bench by Uncle Johns Woodshop, Lecanto FL